artwork guidance

A short guide to providing us high-quality artwork for your project.

We understand that you may already have artwork setup, for your business logo for example, and would like this to be used on your purchased products from us. We also understand that not everyone is technical minded when it comes to digital imaging. We can check over your artwork, free of charge, by emailing it to us before any work takes place, or alternatively, upload using our handy artwork uploader. On this page, we will try and make things simpler for you by giving you guidelines to what we need from your images in order to get the best, most professional looking prints for you.


Ideally, we are looking for your image to fit into the specifications below;

  • Be a JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG or PDF file

  • Be produced using CMYK colour profiling

  • Have a resolution of approx 300dpi

do's & don'ts

  • Do send us a message to check your artwork before ordering

  • Do send us inspiration for creating new artwork

  • Do send us your design ideas

  • Do get us to create your artwork

  • Don't send us a screenshot as your artwork

  • Don't assume we can fix your artwork, check first

  • Don't expect professional quality free of charge


All artwork we create will NEVER infrige copyright legislations. We will only use and design artwork created bespoke by us, use free from copyright designs or paid licenses to use other artwork, including our fonts.

Please do not ask us to use or create something which breaches copyright laws, the answer will always be NO.

Frequently asked for designs we will say no to include (but not limited to);

Disney, Any TV or film character, Harry Potter, other designers designs etc.

if in doubt, ask

If in doubt about anything? Ask us! We don't bite, and you are under no obligation to purchase just by asking us a question, or to check if we can do a design or check over your artwork.

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